Asia Superyachts Pty Ltd is a fully licensed Yacht Crew Training Facility.Training is carried out actually onboard a real live 52 mtr superyacht & MPV Polaris which is a 52 Mtr Lursenn.  On completion of training all of our student/crews have each gone on to very sucessful positions as Captains, Officers and crew on many large and famous Superyachts worldwide. Every single one of our Crew trainees /seafarer students have gone on to find the job of their dream within only a few days of completing their training.

Our onboard training is old school type hard work, tough and hands on, it is not for the faint hearted.  All our Captains & Officers who have completed Asia Superyachts Boot Camp come out the other end mature, confident & well educated seafarers.

We operate things this way simply for one reason only SAFETY…!  So downtrack when you find yourself in an emergency or difficult / adverse weather situation you are cool, calm and confident that you were properly well trained in how to quicky and safely evaluate the situation and can action a safe passage back into harbour for your owner, guests and crew.

Through Asia Superyachts International Crew Agency in association with our partners at Gallileo Yachting we can also supply your luxury yacht with fully trained Superyacht Crews, fully managed for both superyachts & International Cruise Ships or Commercial Offshore Ships Crews.  All our crews are properly trained and all join with in date certificates for STCW-95 qualifications.

We also have our own in house STCW-95 Maritime training facility located in Bangkok Thailand.

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